Stock Feed

Hills Farm Supplies formulate and manufacture a wide range of stock feeds for operations big and small. From our manufactured stocked lines covering beef, sheep, dairy, goat and alpacas to customised diets for our commercial clients HFS prides itself on being flexible enough to create diets that suit the customer rather than trying to get the customer to suit our diets.

We stock a wide range of horse feeds with brands such as Prydes, Mitavite, Barastoc to name a few along with general fodder needs of chaff and high quality hays.

Poultry are covered with a range of pelleted feeds for all stages of life as well as our ‘Healthy Hen’ and ‘Champion Bird’ manufactured on site.

Pasture Seed

When selecting seed for our clients we do not just look at seed that suits the area we also consider important factors such as paddock history, farm feed gaps, weed burdens, grazing restraints  etc to ensure that not only is the right pasture type is selected but that the preparation for planting including fertiliser selection, weed control and timing ensure good establishment and pasture longevity.

Animal Health Products

Quality counts when it comes to administering health products and nutritional supplements to your animals. It is also important to ensure that these products are used in in a wholistic way to ensure that they have the desired effect and to ensure money is not wasted by overdosing or using the incorrect product at the incorrect time. It is also important to observe all relevant withholding periods and to plan product rotation to reduce onset of resistance.

Hills Farm Supplies has the experience and expertise to assist with your animal health program and stock a wide range of vaccines, drenches, probiotics and suppliments to give diverse range of treamtment options.

In Store Advice

We are proud to support the products we sell with free in store advice. We believe that for clients to get the most value of the products they purchase it is important they use those products at the right time and in the correct way. The most expensive purchase is the one that is used incorrectly.

We are able provide analysis of soil and feed tests to optimise both your fertiliser program and how best to utilise any fodder that you have either conserved or bought in.

Animal Nutrition

Whether it be designing a feeding program for sheep and cattle studs to prepare stock for show or sale or just wanting to give an orphan lamb or calf the best start in life HFS can help with the right products and advice. A range of feeds and mineral mixes formulated and blended on site, pelleted mineral concentrates, blocks and loose licks available to us we have the expertise to supo\port our product range.

Rural Supplies

HFS stocks a wide range of general rural merchandise and animal management products. From troughs to electric fencing, vet supplies, NLIS tags, elastrator rings and applicatiors, drenching guns, fencing, show equipment. Whether a commercial farmer or a weekend warrior we have you covered.

On Farm Consultation

Sometimes the best way to understand what our clients are trying to achieve is to get out and have a look with them. We offer our clients on farm visits.